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At the moment, we buy our beans exclusively from the Cuencas Del Huallaga Coop in San Martin , Peru. Heist Chocolate is a small company and at the moment, we don't have the ability to the visit the farms that grow these special beans for us. So, until that time, we put our trust into the people we work with, such as Justine from Cacao Latitudes. You can find out more about her and Cacao Latitudes here

Cacao Latitudes and Cuencas Del Huallaga

300 meters above sea level in San Martin, Peru, an association of over 500 farmers carefully tend to their
crops, cultivating high quality, Fairtrade and Organic cocoa. Operating across Ucayali, Campanilla and San
Jose de Sisa, the reach of Cuencas del Huallaga is extensive. The support of the association is inclusive to
farmers who would have had no other choice but to sell to the small middle men at low prices. Cuencas
de Huallaga has tapped into their flavor potential and successfully entered the specialty market, while
also focusing on Organic and Fairtrade cocoa production since 2015. By purchasing beans and
maintaining a close relationship with the association, Cacao Latitudes supports them in their pursuit of
making technical investments, enhancing agricultural production, improving quality, preventing
deforestation and effectively mapping the farms of all their members.

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What does Cuencas del Huallaga cooperative do? 

  • Supports farmers in the management of their certified production and provides them with agricultural knowledge
  • Monitors the application of fertilizers and educates producers to use fertilizers appropriately
  • Promotes weed control techniques and encourages the choice of environmentally-friendly crops
  • Encourages growers to reinvest premiums obtained in the agricultural sector
  • Raises awareness of the benefits of agroforestry and soil protection using plant cover
  • Establishes discipline and maintains productivity despite disease 
  • Improves working conditions by facilitating access to organic products to treat ailments
  • Is committed to the sustainable development of cacao producers, respecting the best agricultural practices.