Email Newsletter Archive #3

I've just come back from Spain. Very exciting. I was only there for four days but managed to fit in a trip to the Valor chocolate factory. The tour was to be in Spanish but it was free, so thought I may as well go and see how a huge chocolate company operates. From the little they showed of the actual factory, I've decided that I have no desire to ever run a company of that size (that was never really on the cards anyway 🙂). A huge, soulless warehouse with minimum staff as nearly everything was done by a machine/robot. Kind of boring really. Don't get me wrong, I love machines and they did show some of the older ones that they had used to start the company, which were quite gorgeous but the actual factory was just conveyor belts and huge steel boxes. Rubbish, but to be expected. Now, that being said, I do see beautiful old machines in Heist Chocolate's future, but I want them to be operated by humans and I want our customers to be able to witness that. I see big glass windows that look over our refiners and sewing machines, all located in an old warehouse from 1910. Unfortunately, Cardiff doesn't have many of them but one of the sheds along Tudor lane would do.

 When that'll be, I don't know...... but it will happen. I should probably concentrate on making enough chocolate with the machines we do have but I am easily distracted... Nougat, cough cough. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this brief email about my holiday, haha. I also went to the aquarium in Valencia if you're interested 🐠

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