We have a new product coming. Snaffle!
Let me explain what that is...
We have 3 tempering machines in the Heist factory. I'll go into what the tempering process in another blog post maybe, but there's already a million pages dedicated to that so maybe, actually, I won't.
Anyway, we have one machine for milk chocolate, one for dark and for white. When we transition from bar type to bar type, say dark to extra dark, there is some in-between type chocolate which we can't really use as we'd have to estimate the quantities of ingredients etc. That's a nightmare for labelling and not worth the hassle for so little chocolate. Up to now, we've been giving that chocolate away to family and friends but there's only so much they can take and more importantly for a small company like ours, giving away profit. That's a problem; our chocolate is expensive to make. So what we'll be doing from now on is, at the end of every month or whenever it's required, blending all of this chocolate together and selling it in bags in bits and pieces. It's not pretty but it's as delicious as our regular bars, we just save on waste and you get a bit more chocolate for your money. Perfect.
Also, we stole this idea from
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