Factory Newsletter #4

I've made huge amounts of nougat over the last year but have sold hardly any. I've mostly given it away or eaten it myself. Trying to come up with new products is difficult. Actually, coming up with new products is easy but coming up with really delicious new products is hard. Well, we've lucked out (after lots of experiments), our nougat is really, really good. We have our own recipe perfected; one that we can chop and change to get the texture and flavour we want. Chewy nougat or soft pillowy nougat blended with nuts, chocolate or fruit is all possible, if a bit boring..... so last week, I came up with ICE CREAM nougat and it's incredible.

Butter, milk and vanilla create a hugely rich and sweet (obviously) chunk of deliciouness. Now, the nougat on it's own is fantastic but difficult to work with and package, so we've come up with the genius idea of wedging it between two salty, chocolate dunked crackers, making an ice cream sandwich sort of thing. It's incredible. Nougat is mostly sugar and honey (which is mostly sugar) so by coating the cracker in chocolate, you get a rich, earthy, chocolatey hit to go along with your rich, sugary hit. The chocolate also acts as as a barrier between the nougat and the cracker, stopping it, hopefully, from going soggy. So smart. The crackers also give us a nice uniform shape, making the sandwiches easier to wrap. Is this too much information? Probably. Anyway..... look at these.




We've got some shelf life testing going on as we speak and I'm trying to figure out how to exactly wrap them but this is definitely something we'll be looking to start selling very soon and in a few different flavours. Lemon Ice cream was a big hit with Chris so that'll be available. This newsletter is, in a way, a tool to put pressure on myself to actually get it out of the door so pester me about it please.

Anyway, Keep your peepers peeled.

Mikey ❤️

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